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User Guide:
Can I call Tread Depot with questions?

Absolutely! We encourage customers to call us, especially where specific issues exist like when shopping for wheels or special tires. We pride ourselves on customer service so please feel free to contact us.
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What methods of ordering are available from Tread Depot?

You can contact us by phone, or via our web site. Some orders do require specific information that we like to discuss with you, especially tire and wheel packages.

How do you determine shipping cost?

Final dimensions and weight, as well as, the distance the order has to travel determine shipping costs.

How do I track my order?

Click on the Order Tracking link found at the top of the site. Enter your order number and zip code. Alternatively, you will receive an email from us with the tracking information; you can go directly to the shipper's site (like ups.com) and enter the tracking information there.

Why will the website not allow me to order, it just says "contact us"?

A contact us message indicates stock is low, or out of stock, on the item in question. It can also indicate an item that requires fitment assistance.

What shipping methods does Tread Depot use?

We currently use UPS (United Parcel Service) and various Freight Carriers. Our goal is to provide you with the fastest and least expensive way to ship your newly purchased products.

What methods of payment does Tread Depot accept?

We except American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Money Orders and Cashier's Checks (money orders and cashier's checks will need to clear our bank, prior to shipping).

What are Tread Depot's operating hours?

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Eastern Time
Sat: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Eastern Time
Sun: Closed

Why create a Tread Depot account?

Creating an account with us allows you to take full advantage of the services Tread Depot has to offer. You will enjoy faster checkout times, as well as UPS integrated tracking on all orders. Each time you come back, simply log into your account to continue this great shopping experience.

Will I receive a copy of my invoice?

A copy of your invoice is available anytime from our website. Simply enter your order number and zip code (located in the email confirmation) in the order tracking/invoice area.

Why do you charge sales taxes in certain states?

Anywhere we have a distribution center, we are required by law to collect sales taxes. Currently, we have distribution centers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.

Where do I find current running promotions?

You can find any current running promotions on our homepage. All current promotions that are applicable to your purchase, will automatically apply on the checkout page.

I found a discount code for Tread Depot online, where can I enter it on your website?

Any valid and current promotional codes will automatically be deducted at checkout.

Tire Questions:
What Tire Brands do you carry?

We carry Goodyear, Michelin, Toyo, Cooper, Continental, Kumho, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, General, Fierce, Mastercraft, Kelly, Carlisle, STI, Interco and Titan Tires.
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Will a larger tire fit on my car, truck or SUV?

We always recommend using the size that is listed on your vehicles placard (located in the driver's side doorjamb). If you need help with any other fitment, other than the vehicle's recommended size, please give us a call.

Why can't I step down in speed rating/load index?

We always suggest using the vehicle manufacturer's recommended tire specifications. Again, this information is located on the door placard.

What is the "P", "LT" or "ST" preceding the tire size?

"P" indicates a passenger tire. "LT" indicates a tire that is designed for light trucks, typically those requiring more weight carrying capacity. “ST” indicates the tire is designated for special trailer service.

How do I read my tire size?

The letter(s) preceding the tire size indicates the tire type (see above). In Metric sizes, the first three numbers indicate the tire width in millimeters. The next two numbers (usually after a /) is the aspect ratio (the ratio of height to width). The next letter(s) indicate some information about the construction or performance of the tire. The last two numbers indicate the diameter of wheel (in inches) the tire fits. Example: P205/60R15-----(P) indicates a passenger tire, (205) indicates tire width in millimeters, (60) indicates ratio of height to width. (R) Indicates that the tire is a radial tire. (15) Indicates wheel diameter in inches.

With numeric sizing, tires are sized with their height first in inches followed by an “X”. The next 4 numbers indicate the width in inches. An “R” indicating radial construction usually follows these four numbers. The last two numbers after the “R” are the rim diameter. For example a 31X10.50R15 is 31 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and has a rim diameter of 15 inches.

What is UTQG and what does it mean?

"UTQG" stands for Uniform Tire Quality Grading- A system developed by the Department of Transportation, which helps consumers compare and rate tires on tread wear, traction, and temperature. For example: a tire with a UTQG of 400 AB: The 400 is tread wear which represents the tire's comparative wear when measured against the government's mandated control tire, which is rated at 100. A tire rated at 400 would wear four times longer than the government's mandated tire. Traction and Temperature ratings are rated (A) superior, (B) good and (C) average. Traction represents the level of wet traction the tire possesses. Temperature rating shows the tires' ability to disperse heat build-up. Heat often causes a tire to deteriorate over time. Therefore, a tire that has a high temperature rating will disperse heat better than one with a low temperature rating. It is important to note that tires from different brands cannot be compared against each other in terms of their tread wear rating. IE a Michelin with a 600 tread wear rating will not necessarily last twice as long as a Goodyear with a 300 tread wear rating.

What do Speed Ratings mean (I don't drive that fast anyway!)?

More and more, speed ratings are being referred to as "performance ratings." This more accurately states what speed ratings are intended to qualify. Typically, tires with higher speed ratings also have enhanced performance and handling characteristics. While you may never drive your car say 149 MPH, if your car came with a V rating, it is important to keep tires on it that have the same or better speed rating to maintain its handling, braking and drivability characteristics.

What does Load Index (Max Load) mean?

The load-carrying capacity of a tire is described in its load index. This is a one, two, or three-digit number. Each number corresponds to an assigned maximum load limit, some examples of which can be found on the chart shown below.

Load Index Load in Pounds Load Index Load in Pounds
75 853 110 2337
80 992 115 2679
85 1135 120 3086
90 1323 125 3638
95 1521 130 4189
100 1764 135 4806
105 2039 135 5357

What is "Plus Sizing"?

The term PLUS SIZING is used to describe fitting tires that are wider, and have a lower aspect ratio than were original equipment on the vehicle.

What is tread depth?

Tread depth is the distance from the top of the tread blocks, to the bottom of the tread grooves. It is measured in 1/32-inch increments.

The sidewall of my tire has a "bubble" on it.

A sidewall bubble is called an "impact separation." Hitting something hard, like a pothole, curb, or other road debris, causes this. Tire manufacturers consider this a road hazard, which is not covered by any manufacturer's warranty. A tire with a sidewall bubble should immediately be removed from service – as it is unsafe to drive on.

Newly mounted tires that have a sidewall bubble - have a tear in the bead area caused by improper mounting technique or equipment. These are also not covered by any manufacturer's warranty.

Does Tread Depot offer Road Hazard Protection?

Yes, Tread Depot does offer Road Hazard protection on most Passenger and Light Truck Tires. [Road Hazard Info]

What is the easiest way to find the correct size for a particular vehicle?

Input your vehicle year, make and model in our Vehicle Search on the home page. Be sure to include the sub model information on the following page. Verify the correct search results size located by looking on the vehicle's tire information placard, located in the driver's side doorjamb.

Wheel Questions:
What Wheel Brands do you carry?

Tread Depot has one of the most comprehensive wheel selections online. We sell Advanti, American Racing, American Racing Hot Rod, ATX, Bravado, Carlisle, Dale Earnhardt JR, Diamo, Helo, KMC, XD Wheels by KMC, Konig, Lorenzo, Maxxim, Motegi, Moto Metal, Privat and more.
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What determines the proper fitment of a wheel to a particular vehicle?

Several factors go into the proper fitment of a vehicle: 1st: Wheel Diameter, 2nd: Wheel Width, 3rd: Offset/Back Spacing, 4th: Bolt Circle and 5th: Hub Bore.

What is a "Bolt Circle" or PCD?

The Bolt Circle is a measurement between the studs of (or bolt holes) of a particular vehicle. Even numbered stud vehicles are measured from the center of one stud, to the center of the stud completely opposite to it. Odd numbered stud vehicles are measured from the center of one stud, to the outer most edge of the opposite stud.

What does "Rim Size" mean?

Rim size is composed of 2 dimensions: Wheel width and wheel diameter. E.g. 16x8 has a diameter of 16” and a width of 8”.

What is "offset"?

Offset is the measured difference between the actual centerline of the wheel and the surface that bolts against the hub, also called the mounting pad. There are generally 3 types of offset:
1. Zero Offset: The hub-mounting surface is even with the centerline of the wheel.
2. Positive Offset: The hub-mounting surface is toward the face side of the wheel.
3. Negative Offset: The hub-mounting surface is toward the brake side of the wheel.

What is "Backspacing"?

Instead of offset, some wheel manufactures prefer to list Backspacing. It is simply the distance from the inside edge of the wheel to the mounting pad of the wheel.

What are the different finishes on wheels?

There are 6 basic types of wheel finishes: 1. Painted (generally silver or black in color). 2. Polished: Raw aluminum, highly polished, then coated. 3. Chrome: Aluminum that has been chrome plated. 4. Bright PVD (physical vapor deposition) – A lighter and more durable finish with similar shine to chrome. Powder coating: Electrostatically charged paint is sprayed in powder form on the wheel, then baked. Available in many colors and very durable.

What are Hub Centric and Lug Centric?

There are two systems used to mount the wheels on a vehicle. Hub-Centric wheels are positioned on the hub by being located against a precisely formed surface on the hub itself. Lug-Centric wheels are centered on the lug nuts.

ATV/UTV Questions:
What is ply/load rating, what is its significance, and how is it different from star ratings?

Most ATV tires will come with a stamp on their sidewall with either a ply rating (usually 2, 4 or 6) or stars (, or ). Either way, a one star is equivalent to a 2 ply rated tire, a 2 star is equivalent to a 4-ply tire, and a three star is equivalent to a 6 ply rated ATV tire. So what do the plies mean? They simply refer to the weight carrying capacity of the tire and the toughness of its carcass. A two-ply, or one star tire, will have the lowest load capacity of the three, and typically the least robust carcass. A 6 ply is the opposite, having the most weight carrying capacity and (usually) the toughest construction of an ATV tire. There is also a corresponding maximum PSI to star ratings: one star = 4psi, two stars = 5psi and three = 7 psi; Higher air pressure typically equating to more weight carrying capacity.

What are the classifications on ATV tires?

There are four main classifications to ATV Tires. Those classifications are: Sand/Dune, Trail and All Terrain, Mud/Snow, & Sport/Racing.

Is it necessary to install a tube in an ATV tire?

No. Most ATV tires today are tubeless; however tubes are often used in certain applications.

Return Policy:
What if I ordered the wrong product or item?

If the incorrect product has been ordered, and the order has NOT been shipped, simply call and have your order changed. There is no charge to change an order that has not shipped. If the product has shipped, the customer will be responsible for the shipping charges going out and back to our servicing warehouse. Credit will be issued when Tread Depot receives the returned merchandise, less actual freight cost. Please contact us immediately if you think you may have ordered the wrong product.

What if I only receive part of my order?

When more than one package is shipped, the shipper may not deliver all of the merchandise at one time. It is usually best to wait one additional business day for your additional package(s) to arrive. Our sales team at Tread Depot can track your shipment within minutes for you. We can provide quick and easy information to help you assess the status of your shipment. You can also use our website to help with tracking information.

What if I receive damaged product?

If you receive any part of your order in damaged condition, please call us immediately! We carefully inspect every tire or wheel before it leaves our warehouses; however, damage does sometime occur in shipping. Our Tread Depot staff can file a claim with the shipper and reship your product in a timely and hassle free manner.

Shipping Questions:
I did not receive an order or shipping confirmation email from Tread Depot about my order.

Check your junk mail/spam mail folder. Many email companies erroneously mark our emails as spam. If the email is not in your junk/spam folder – send us an email at sales@treaddepot.com with your first and last name, and phone number (as used when placing your order) and we will email the details back to you.

Does Tread Depot offer free shipping?

Many companies that offer free shipping just raise the price of their tires and wheels to cover the shipping cost. We quote our lowest tire price, and lowest shipping price- everyday.

What is the shipping price for my tires or wheels?

Next to the item you are looking for, there is a button for “shipping quote.” Enter your zip code, and the calculator will return the shipping price to your door.

How long does it take for my tires or wheels to ship?

In stock tires or wheels, ordered prior to 11am Eastern Time, will ship the same day (business days only). Orders placed after 11AM Eastern, with in stock merchandise, will ship out the following business day. If we have to order in your tires from the manufacturer, please allow a few additional days in shipping. If your tire is unavailable for shipment, you will be notified the following business day. For Tire and wheel packages, please allow extra processing time to mount and balance the assembly.

Do you offer customer pick up?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer customer pick up at any of our facilities.

Can Tread Depot Export?

Currently we do not offer export services on small tire orders (less than 16 tires). If you are interested in larger tires orders/container load quantities, please contact our export department at export@treaddepot.com.

Installer Questions:
Do you have an installer program/Is there an installer in my area?

Tread Depot has one of the most comprehensive installer programs in the business. Please click on our installer link from the home page for more details. You can locate installers in your area by either clicking on the map, or entering your zip code.
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Policies & Procedures:
How do you handle warranty claims?

Tread Depot is an authorized retailer for every brand we sell. All manufacturer warrantees extend to the tires we sell - where the manufacturer offers such warrantees. Should you have an issue with any tire we sell, we can help you in one of two ways: First, you can send the tire(s) in question to us for warranty processing. If the tire(s) are found to be defective and covered under the manufacturer's warranty, you will be reimbursed for shipping the tire(s) in question back to us – along with the amount of the adjustment credit. Alternatively, many customers prefer to use an authorized dealer in your area, for the brand of tire in question. We can help you locate an authorized dealer, if needed.

In order to file a mileage warranty claim you will need the following: A copy of the invoice when you had the tires installed. It will need to show the mileage of the vehicle when the tires were installed. A copy of all invoices showing proper rotation and balance, as well as alignment records to support the claim. Manufactures need this to determine that the tire was not neglected.

Mail-In Rebates:
How do I redeem my mail in rebate?

Go to the home page on our website. Click on the rebate in question. Print the form and fill out the information required on it. Mail it, along with your invoice.

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