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Michelin Agilis

Michelin Agilis

Michelin produces the Agilis for drivers who want a tire that withstands commercial loads and provides all-season traction. This tire fits on a variety of commercial light vans and comes with top ratings for braking and fuel efficiency. In addition, the Agilis has Michelin's 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for added assurance. The Agilis grips the road in wet and dry conditions and offers decent traction on hard pack.

Michelin Agilis  (Sidewall View)
Michelin Agilis  (Main View)
Michelin Agilis  (Tread View)
Tire Size UTQG Rating Service Description Load/Ply Rating Mileage Warranty Sidewall Per Tire Best Price Guarantee Add To Cart
205/65R15C - 102T - N/A Black Wall $ 174.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call

Michelin's Commercial Light Van Tire

With its reinforced carcass and modern tread compound, the Agilis handles heavy loads and offers long tire life. With high ratings for tread life, the Agilis wears evenly thanks to its nondirectional design and innovative shoulder areas. Furthermore, the outer and inner shoulders assist with braking and cornering performance.

To help with winter and wet traction, the Agilis has stepped tread blocks and hundreds of small sipes. These sipes offer enhanced grip on the pavement and increase your traction in light snow. Between the tread blocks, three orbital grooves evacuate water from the tire and decrease your chance of hydroplaning at high speeds. The internal steel belts add to the tire's durability and promotes greater ride quality.

Agilis Features and Benefits

  • All-season light van tire
  • Top ratings for wear life, fuel efficiency and braking
  • Handles some off-road hard pack
  • Reinforced carcass for withstanding heavy loads
  • Multiple winter sipes for snow and wet traction
  • Water channels for hydroplaning resistance
  • Comes with a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty

All-Season Tire for Commercial Applications

From heavy urban deliveries to hauling cargo on the highway, the Agilis delivers impressive load-carrying capabilities. This tire also offers all-season traction and upgrades your vehicle's handling response and driver feedback in any weather. Even on dirt roads and gravel, the Agilis grips the terrain and ensures you make it to your next destination.

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