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Toyo Proxes R1R

Developed from years of grueling on-track experience and engineered to the highest performance standard, Toyo's Proxes R1R bridges the gap between a max performance summer tire, and a DOT R compound tire - like the R888. A customer favorite for drivers who want one set of tires for street and track duty.
Toyo Proxes R1R (Main View)
Toyo Proxes R1R (Angle View)
Toyo Proxes R1R (Tread View)
Toyo Proxes R1R (Sidewall View)
Tire Size UTQG Rating Service Description Load/Ply Rating Mileage Warranty Sidewall Per Tire Best Price Guarantee Add To Cart
195/50R15 140 AA A 82V - N/A Black Wall $ 117.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
195/55R15 140 AA A 85V - N/A Black Wall $ 122.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
205/45ZR16 140 AA A 83W - N/A Black Wall $ 157.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
205/50R15 140 AA A 86V - N/A Black Wall $ 123.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
205/50R16 140 AA A 87V - N/A Black Wall $ 145.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
205/55R16 140 AA A 91V - N/A Black Wall $ 149.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
215/45ZR17 140 AA A 87W - N/A Black Wall $ 166.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
225/40ZR18 140 AA A 88W - N/A Black Wall $ 194.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
225/45R15 - 87W - N/A Black Wall $ 140.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
225/45ZR16 200 AA A 89W - N/A Black Wall $ 182.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
225/45ZR16 140 AA A 89W - N/A Black Wall $ 160.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
225/45ZR17 200 AA A 91W - N/A Black Wall $ 202.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
225/45ZR17 - 91W - N/A Black Wall $ 177.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
225/50R16 140 AA A 92V - N/A Black Wall $ 153.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
235/40ZR17 140 AA A 90W - N/A Black Wall $ 173.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
235/45R17 140 AA A 94W - N/A Black Wall $ 177.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
245/35ZR17 140 AA A 91W - N/A Black Wall $ 183.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
245/40ZR17 140 AA A 91W - N/A Black Wall $ 174.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
245/40ZR18 - 93W - N/A Black Wall $ 211.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
245/45ZR17 200 AA A 95W - N/A Black Wall $ 217.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
245/45R17 140 AA A 95W - N/A Black Wall $ 190.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
255/35ZR18 140 AA A 90W - N/A Black Wall $ 227.00 lowest-price-button_tn Add
255/40ZR17 140 AA A 94W - N/A Black Wall $ 208.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
265/35ZR18 140 AA A 93W - N/A Black Wall $ 233.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
275/40ZR17 200 AA A 98W - N/A Black Wall $ 238.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call
275/40ZR17 140 AA A 98W - N/A Black Wall $ 216.00 lowest-price-button_tn Call

An aggressive, arrowhead tread design, wide tire footprint, high-grip compound, and advanced autocross developed casing design, provide excellent performance in braking and cornering. The R1R delivers extreme performance for a great price.

  • Silica reinforced high-grip compound: Delivers better handling and enhanced wet weather traction.
  • Stability control slits: Maintain tread block integrity during hard braking.
  • Tapered center block edge: Increases center block stiffness.
  • Unidirectional arrowhead shaped pattern: provides excellent water drainage, enhancing wet weather grip.
  • Tapered center block edge increases hydroplaning resistance.
  • Advanced autocross-inspired casing design: Delivers a stiff casing giving greater steering feel and response.
Avg. Customer Review:    10star
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10star (5.0/ 5.0)
Proxes R1R

By Gene from Patrick SC on Vehicle: 2000 Mazda Miata
Miles Driven on Tires: 2000
Driving Style: Aggressive
Driving Conditions: Combined Highway/City
Would buy Tire Again?: yes

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

These tires provide great traction and outstanding handling in wet conditions, exceeding my expectations. Mileage remains to be seen, but so far they are definitely worth the cost and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for good looks and high performance.

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10star (5.0/ 5.0)
Toyo r1r

By X Ray from hackettstown nj on Vehicle: 2005 Nissan Sentra
Miles Driven on Tires: 500
Driving Style: Average
Driving Conditions: Mostly Highway
Would buy Tire Again?: yes

13 of 28 people found the following review helpful:

I just bought these r1r's from Toyo I have to say they are the best tires I've ever owned. I bought so many tires in my lifetime that not one tire can compete with the toyo r1r's. Truly worth every penny spent. If your looking to buy tires, the Toyo r1r is it. This is the tire for you don't waste your time with anything else. I know, for myself, I will allways come back to toyo and buy the r1r's. Thank you Toyo.

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10star (5.0/ 5.0)
exceeding expectations

By keith from Gilmanton Iron Works New Hampshire on Vehicle: 2006 Honda Civic
Miles Driven on Tires: 6000
Driving Style: Aggressive
Driving Conditions: Track/Racing
Would buy Tire Again?: yes

69 of 76 people found the following review helpful:

I wont lie, I purchased these tires while being an employee of in my own opinion, "the best place to buy tires" so I cannot say whether or not the retail price on them would play a factor in my decision to purchase them again and again, but I would. I drive very, very aggressive on and off the track and they have never let me down, [ ] they have suprised me with the exhilarating feeling they give when you think they should be at there limit, and the car says GIVE ME MORE SPEED I CAN HANDLE IT. I don't work for a tire distributor anymore but I have had DZ101's, FM901's, PROXES 4's, T1R's, ADVAN SPORTS, and now the PROXES R1R's and all on the same (NOT HATCH) 2006 Civic SI, and will only buy the R1R's or something from Toyo that Toyo would say is better handling. They have surpassed all expectations I had of these tires and surprisingly after the abuse they have 7/32nds on them. In my opinion $$$$ aside, INCREDALBE, a little noisy but super in handling. I hope this helps anyone who reads this. P.S. If it weren't for these tires I am confident I would be dead and the car in the scrap yard by now.

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9star (4.5/ 5.0)
Quality Autocross and HWY Tire

By Doug from Spring Hill FL on Vehicle: 2004 Mazda RX-8
Miles Driven on Tires: 2500
Driving Style: Aggressive
Driving Conditions: Track/Racing
Would buy Tire Again?: yes

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

I wore out a set of Hankook RS3's in 1.5 years doing autocrosses and the highway miles to get there. Hankook's got very expensive. I run one size up from factory 245 instead of 225. I couldn't find much research on the Toyo R1R so asked the few people I knew using them what they thought. Everyone said they are a great autocross/track tire. Based on saving $150/set at the time and a free shipping offer I got a set. I haven't had a single complaint in 6 events = 72 runs and 2500 miles with excellent wear resistance. The Hankooks liked to roll over so liked high pressures when cold and adjust down as you go thru the runs AND they thump like crazy when cold due to 2 nylon belts. The Toyo's I leave at 35F-34R psi cold when I leave the house. They never roll over past the marks and develop heat gradually so by the 3rd run they will be 41F-38R psi and stay at those pressures while maintaining excellent grip and trust. These tires do not "let go" at the extreme limit of autocross up to 65-70mph. They give plenty of warning and feedback. It took one event and 500 hwy miles to rub away the mold release and soft material to really get that first heat cycle out of the way and work. Every event I learn from them and get faster as they slowly wear evenly. At the present rate they will easily match the Hankooks wearing and I'm thinking will not start going away that last 3/32" like Hankooks did. Toyo's do not ever thump when cold (1 nylon belt) do not need to be shaved unless you are going to track them as are a taller tire with 8/32" tread when new. They weigh less, stay flat on the corners, are quiet both on course and on the hwy. and track straight at every speed. They are a real bang for the buck tire. My other autocross car (86 Mustang) still has RS3's so I am constantly reminded of their issues when I drive/autocross it. I'm retired so don't need a daily driver set of tires other than on our big trip car.

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