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Types of Tires

Original Equipment Tires (O.E.)

When your vehicle rolls of the factory floor, it is fitted with original equipment tires that in most cases are purpose built for your vehicle. This means the tires have been closely engineered to match the design requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Since many tire manufacturers make multiple item numbers for the same size and tire model, determining the correct OE tire for your vehicle can be difficult, but we're here to help.

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Winter Tires

If you live in a region that is consistently below 45 degrees in the winter, an area that experiences consistent snowfall year to year, where the roads freeze over frequently, or in an area with elevation changes and cold weather, you will definitely benefit from a set of snow tires.

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Racing Tires

Whether your're carving up the track, your favorite back road or just racing off to work, Tread Depot has a wide selection of racing tires to fit your needs.

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Off-Road Tires

If your fun begins where the pavement ends then Tread Depot has all the info on outfitting your rig with right "hiking boots."

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ATV Tires

Putting new tires on your ATV or UTV is arguably the best single modification you can make to enhance performance. This is the case because most ATV?s are outfitted with a relatively shallow tread, trail tire from the factory. Manufacturers use these types of tires on their machines because they have to cater to a wide audience that buys ATV?s. Some ATV?s will be used on farms, in parking lots, or trail riding, while others play in mud bogs and go racing.

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RV Tires

The last place any RV owner wants to be is on the shoulder of a highway, with a flat or blown out tire. Proper tire selection and care is critical to the safety, longevity and enjoyment of your RV. Tread Depot has experts on hand to help you select, and properly maintain, your RV tires.

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Trailer Tires

Whether your hauling your toys, your equipment, deliveries or your livestock, we have a wide selection of name brand trailer tires. From the mainstay Goodyear's Marathon to Carlisle's Radial Trail RH and their great lines of bias ply trailer tires, we have you covered.

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Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Standard tires waste a lot of energy on the open road and burn more gas in the process; they also create more carbon emissions and impact the environment in a negative way. Low rolling resistance tires have an eco-friendly construction and materials that reduce these CO2 emissions, reduce wasted energy and maximize your vehicle's fuel consumption on the open road. Save gas money and improve your fuel economy with Tread Depot's low rolling resistance tires.

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